Interior design

At Sistemarredi you can purchase pieces of furniture or, you can take advantage of our interior design service. 
Interior design involves creativity and technical knowledge, there are many aspects to be considered: space's dimensions, needs and taste of final user, location existing style (floors, walls, tiles, doors and windows), ostacles and/or limits (windowsill, protrusions, radiators,AC split,wall sockets,switchboards that has to remain accessible, electrical sockets, esistenti, plumbings (per cucine e bagni), ceiling height...),finally we have to think at the budget: a detail that cannot be ignored.I can work out a interior design project that is rigorously fulfilling the given budget , beacuse I know very well products and pricelists.
I make my experience available to you, my knowledge of products and my 3d drawing technical skills. Here is how I  work:
The project (3d drawing) costs  150 euro for each house area (living, kitchen, etc.), while the estimate of costs of the pieces of furniture is given for free. For more articulated or complex project I will ask you to provide  more detailed information before being able to calculate the project's price.
All prices will be agreed in advance (no bad surprises!).
The cost of project will be fully refunded in case you will choose to buy the pieces of furniture from my store.
For each project you can ask up to three changes free of charge. Additional changes will be charged accordingly. We will discuss together the amount on the basis of the workload.
The 3d sketches are sent via e-mail (jpg) or, uploaded on the restricted area of my web site (you will have your user and password to log in).As said, the sketches come with the cost estimate which is given always free of charge.
Would you like to buy a project? Send me an e-mail with the size of your room (or, better, the layout) including as much information and details as you can concerning the space and your needs and requiremnents. Or, if you like, give me a call we can discuss your project on videochat (skype).
I use the Pro version of Sketchup 2015, you can download the free version of Sketchup and try yourself bu clicking here