Eco-leather, let's debunk the myth!


Let's start with the definition of eco-leather: eco-friendly leather is a kind of leather with low environmental impact, also called “ecoleather”. It has not to be confused with faux leather, which is obtained only from artificial materials (1).

And here it is more or less said everything, eco-leather is in fact a product similar to leather. The only difference lies in the type of treatment to which it is subjected.


If we now go on to understand what is commonly known as "eco-leather", we find that fake leather or imitation leather, sometimes called vinyl leather, is a synthetic leather and can be a fabric impregnated/coated with polyurethane resins or completely synthetic (without fabric backing), which can have a look similar to natural leather, a fantasy and can be customized very well. It should not be confused with eco-leather, which is a leather with reduced environmental impact (2). So it is clear that sofa manufacturers should more correctly call it "fake leather", "synthetic leather" or "leatherette".


We should say that fake leather has a fairly short life span, with time it tends to break
near the seams or in areas of greater stress (such as on the seat cushions of the sofas), but how long will it take to ruin the sofa in leatherette? It depends on different factors: the quality of the material and certainly the degree of wear and tear to which the sofa or chair is subjected, without neglecting the way in which it was made. Just to give an idea, after 5-6 years a faux leather sofa has done its good service, besides here every year is an extra. So, if the synthetic leather sofa costs 40% -60% less than the genuine leather sofa (and this depends on the quality of the leather), only counting how many years this will last will reveal whether there is real saving ... in 10 years we end up buying two leatherette sofas? It means we spent more, much more than buying a real leather sofa right away.


At this point, I would suggest putting away the leatherette and rather buying a sofa covered in fabric. There are wonderful, resistant, well-made ones and if we ruin it, or it is damaged by the wear and tear of time, we can choose to reseat it completely as only in part and, when possible, even fix it.


You will have spent your money better!